Deploying Ghost With Ansible

Ghost is just a blogging platform that I (and LOTS of other people) kickstarted. This past Friday was the official beta-launch of Ghost version 0.3.

I had high hopes of using their slick hosted platform right out of the gate, but it seems they are taking a bit longer than planned to launch the service.

Luckily for us, they provided backers a download of the Ghost 0.3 release (the source will eventually be posted on GitHub). Already backers are running the source on their local systems, and some folks are starting to host their own instances.

During the week, I make extensive use of Ansible for system configuration and automated deployments. Knowing me, I'll probably do multiple setup/teardown interations of Ghost, not including blogs I setup for friends. To save time later on down the road, I put togther an Ansible playbook that does a deploy of the Ghost software to an Ubuntu server.

I've also been meaning to make the switch from Linode to Digitial Ocean.

While Linode has been great over the last few years, I just struggled to justify their 'high' prices, especially when I look at just how much resources I actually need. Digital Ocean is great -- you can have an virtual machine up and running in less than 60 seconds that costs only $5/month.

Deploying Ghost to a Digital Ocean instance (including the time it takes to create the VM) takes less than 5 minutes using Ansible. Not too shabby.

Ansible Deploy

You can see the GitHub repo here and try it out yourself. It's how I put this blog live in less than 5 minutes.

Ghost in action

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