My name is Ross. I teach the world Kubernetes and Nodejs through consulting, conference speaking, and training courses.


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One of the things I do is provide in-depth consulting and advisory services to companies, investors, individuals and institutions in the realm of containerization, DevOps, and microservices – with or without Kubernetes or Node.js.

Specifically, I have deep knowledge in the Cloud-Native vendor ecosystem, open source technologies, and solution architectures. In the event you require something that is not my wheelhouse, I maintain a network of industry experts that I trust and work with.


Ross brings both depth and breadth of experience to the projects he supports. On the operations side, his experience with software deployments both small in large allows him to expertly advise on the most cost-effective and accessible means of accomplishing a project's immediate goals, while setting the groundwork for growth. This is complimented by his experience as an application architect and engineer, which he proactively draws on to help clients avoid pitfalls both large and small. — Zebulon Young, former Director of Engineering, Fusion

Ross was working with Kubernetes before most people knew it was a thing that would matter. His technical expertise and connections within the industry are invaluable. Furthermore, what really sets him apart is his ability to train others and communicate effectively with both leadership and individual contributors. I’m a big fan of Ross and his work. - Kendall Miller, COO at ReactiveOps

Kukulinski has the uncanny ability to make a technical presentation both interactive and fun. Having a presenter with personality and a desire to help his or her audience understand the material being presented is an appreciated trait. - Ryan Quackenbush, Apprenda

Strategic Thinking

I will work with your product and engineering teams to provide assistance with strategic thinking around the disruptive nature of Cloud-Native.

Some areas where I'm actively helping businesses include:

  • Understanding the business and technological value unlocked by Cloud-Native.
  • Roadmap planning for leveraging Cloud-Native technologies and methodologies.
  • Out of the box thinking around new product or platform launches.
  • Brainstorming sessions to provide an outside opinion and constructive criticism.

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Architecture Evaluations

An architectural evaluation will provide you with a summary of findings and recommendations for your existing or planned product deployments.

Over the course of evaluation, I will work with your teams to:

  • Review your existing architecture including system workflows, infrastructure targets, and deployment processes.
  • Evaluate existing talent, skills, and processes
  • Build a customized roadmap and specific recommendations

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Technology Assessments

I love understanding technology and how all the pieces fit together to create services. This is especially true with Cloud-Native applications which can have many components.

To that end, I am happy and able to help business who are looking at refreshing their technology stack. This usually includes reviewing application architectures and deciding which pieces should fit into the puzzle, what frameworks to use and which vendors to work with.

Some of the application specific assessments I've done include:

  • Container monitoring SaaS comparison
  • Microservice log aggregation platform
  • Container SaaS image storage comparison

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Training & Workshops

In addition to my O'Reilly CoreOS Training Course and conference workshops, I often provide customized trainings for businesses.

My courses cover a broad range of topics and experience levels, and I've worked with teams just getting started with a technology, as well as those tackling advanced topics. My workshops are highly interactive and include take-home materials and exercises for continued learning.

Some of my workshops and courses include:

  • Node.js Fundamentals
  • Advanced Node.js
  • DevOps & Continuous Delivery
  • Kubernetes for Developers
  • Introduction to CoreOS
  • Cloud-Native Architectures

Here's a slide deck from one of my recent Kubernetes for Developers workshops:

I'm happy to tailor the content and duration of the course to meet your exact needs. Let's talk on how I can help your team level up.

Rapid Prototyping

Do you need to get a new project up and running quickly?

I take a hands-on approach to my work, engaging directly with you in every stage of the development process. I will take ownership of the delivery of the project, or we can integrate at critical points with your team according to your needs.

For projects that require multiple developers or unique skills, I have an extensive network of independent consultants and boutique agencies that I work with. When necessary, I will assume a project manager role to ensure an on-time and on-budget delivery.

Some recent projects I've completed:

  • Realtime transportation demand analytics engine
  • Application Dockerization
  • Lift-and-Shift: Migrating from Heroku to Kubernetes
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Pipeline
  • Database Deployments (MongoDB, RethinkDB, Redis)
  • Application & database performance tuning
  • Kubernetes cluster deployment and management

I pride myself in learning new tools and products quickly, but there are some core systems that I have worked with extensively:

  • Node.js
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • CoreOS
  • Nginx / HAProxy
  • MongoDB / RethinkDB / Redis /
  • Google Cloud / Google Container Engine
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Heroku
  • Jenkins / TravisCI / CircleCI
  • DataDog / Sysdig
  • Papertrail / Loggly / Logentries
  • Graphite / StatsD / InfluxDB / Grafana

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